Far Away? 
No Problem!

We travel through 30-40 states a year so being in your area for your special event is easy. Don't let distance stop you from inviting Cheryle. If she can, she will plan her missionary journey around your event to  save travel expenses. 

Budget Issues? 
No Problem! 

Our speaker fees are negotiable. We are in ministry and want serve.
Invite us today!
Are You Having a Luncheon?
Special Event?
Woman's Event?
How About a Holiday Event?
or a Business Event?
Would You Like a Missionary Report? 
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Would You Like a Visit From
 Shiloh the Shepherd's Sheepdog?

We Have Multimedia Presentations That Can Fit Your Time Slot

Witnessing Miracles: This is our most popular presentation. This 45 minute presentation can be shorted to fit a sermon time and is perfet for a luncheon or women's night. These miracle stories of people receiving Jesus will inspire your group to share their faith and equip them  to do it.

Calling Our Prodigals Home: This life changing hour long presentation is for those parents and friends who's hearts are broken by a longing for their lost sheep to return to the fold. It is an emotional interactive presentation filled with tips for what to do, warnings for what not to do, and real life examples of prodigals returning home. We ask people to bring their tissues, Bible, and an open heart for self examination. Class participants will leave with new direction and hope. 

Cheryle and Shiloh the Shepherd's Sheepdog Share the Gospel: Shiloh is well trained and loves to help Cheryle tell people about Jesus. She does her tricks at just the right places. Invite them to your Bible Schools, Fall Festivals, or just to tell your group about Jesus. 

Pocket Full of Christmas: Cheryle literally wrote the book on Christmas - Pocket Full of Christmas - Having a Purpose Filled Advent. She wants to share how to have a Purpose Filled Advent. Invite her to be your speaker for your Christmas event. 

The Secret to Everything: This presentation gives a fun inspiring overview of how living by the Great Commandment will change your life.

The Secret to Marriage:  These quick tips and anecdotes are perfect for a Valentines event. 

The Secret to Parenting: Do you have a MOPS program or other parenting group? Cheryle loves to use the Great Commandment to help parents raise Godly Children. 

The Secret to Growth: Cheryle is a former business executive. She knows all about business and shares how running your organization by The Great Commandment can change the destiny of your organization. This is a popular topic for Christian Business Organizations.

The Secret to Travel: Cheryle travels through 30-40 states a year. She loves to share her travel secrets and how to travel using the Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission. This is perfect for senior citizen's events. 

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