Below Cheryle Touchton Is Presenting At The Arizona Business Woman's Group. 

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The Secret to Unified Growth
We Wants To Help:

Non-Profit Organizations
Christian Owned For-profit Businesses
Christian Business Organizations
Christian Writers Conferences
Christian Owned Multilevel Marketing Companies

Develop Vision and Mission Clarity
Build A Unified Team
Create a God Inspired Detailed Organizational Plan 

In 5 Fun-filled, Fast Paced Sessions

We Offer:

  • A Simple 5-Step Process: Based on the Great Commandment
  • Electronic Templates: You Will Leave With a Completed Plan
  • Simple Budget Format: You Fill In Your Data
  • Clear Definitions for Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Goals: You Leave Knowing What to Do When
  • Cheryle's Vast Business Experience/Education in Facilitating Business Planning and Team Building: Using The Word of God 
  • Fun and Enlightening Team Building Exercises
  • Unique Communication Techniques

 The Secret to Growth Boot Camp Is For:

  • Churches, Ministries, or Organizations Needing To Bring Their Team Together to Build a Single Unified Operational Plan: Cheryle facilitates, using a template, projected on a screen. The team proofs and agrees as we proceed.
  • Business Groups Wanting to Help Individual Members Build Operational Plans: Members are given the electronic template prior to the session. They bring their computers and fill in the information as Cheryle facilitates. They break up into small groups for feedback.
  • Writers Conferences Wanting to Help Writers Build Success Plans: This works best as a 5 session continuing class. Writers often have little to no business experience and need help building a business model for their writing career. They are given the template prior to the class and fill in data as Cheryle facilitates. They are encouraged to break into teams for review after hours.

Our 5-Step Process

  1. Mind Matters: Build your Vision and Mission Statement and training plan. What do you dream about? What are you an expert on? What do you need more training on? What needs do your neighborhood, flock, members, or customers have? 
  3. Heart Helps: Identify your current and future outreach and evangelism plans. What tools do you need? How do you describe your call? What are the delights of your heart? What is your Holy Discontent? How are you and your organization spiritually gifted? What do you or or organization do best? If you have employees, what do they care about? Are the Fruits of the Spirit blooming in you and your organization? 
  5. Soul Soothers: Build your Core Values and Statement of Faith. Begin a human resource plan if applicable. What is God calling you and/or your organization to do? Is your job or ministry your calling from God? What do you suspect He is calling you or your organizaiton to do in the future? How are you taking care of the people around you? What values apply to what you do? How is your environment?
  7. Strength Solutions: Identify budget and financial issues and policies & procedures strengths and deficits. What are you and your organazation physically able to do do? What do you have the time and resources to do? How do you plan to serve those God calls you to serve? Build objectives, strategies, and goals.
  9. Neighbor Needs: Whom do you serve? How will you reach people to grow?  Begin building your outreach (sales) and delivery plan.

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